Dear Guests!
Miskolc has a lot of name, but firstly we can call it the city of the festivals, that is waiting the tourists in all season of the year. At winter the Meat Jelly festival offer a lot of interesting programmes for the visitors. At spring the Castle of Diósgyőrwaits for the tourists with a special festival, called „Queen’s Spring”. At summer the International Operafestival present a lot of especial programmes for that tourist, who treavel to Miskolc. At autumn the Cinefest can favor for the lovers of the movies. This is the most famous movie festival in Hungary.
But of course there are other programmes, which can make more pleasure the stay. It worth to know some sights of the city:

Castle of Diósgyőr:
The castle is located in a beautiful natural environment at the foot of the Bükk mountain, 8 km far away from the downtown of Miskolc. The castle is entitled to a prominent place between the monuments of Hungary. King Louis the Great expanded the old castle with a big property at 1364, and rebuilt it for an amaizing Gotic Castle. After his dead owned the Castle of Diósgyőr by queens to 1526. It was King Matthias’s wife, Beatrix wedding gift, that’s why, it is mentioned by Queens ’s Castle. In the last decades beside the exhibitions it had become significant primarily as event site, it houses numerous festivals, concerts year by year.

The National Theatre of Miskolc:
The first stone theatre in Hungary was build in Miskolc in 1823. After 20 years it was burnt. The late classicistic theatre enriched with romantic elements was erected between 1847 and 1857. The reconstruction of the buliding was totally made between 1991 and 1997. It takes place on 15.000 squaremeter. It is containing two backyard, the Main Theatre for 700 people, the Chamber Theatre for 300 peolple, the Small Hall for 100 peolple, and the Summer Theatre for 500 peolple with openable roof.

Greek Orthodox Church- Hungarian Ortodox Religion Museum
The church, was built between 1785 and 1806 in braid style. The most beautiful art work of the church interior is the 18 metre high iconostasis This is the work of Miklós Jankovits, which depicts the life of Jesus on 88 images. These images were made by Anton Kuchelmeister, Austrian painter. The other furniture of the church is monument as well: the Maria-altar, the Coffin, bishop’s throne. The icon „Our Lady of Ahtirka” presented by Czarina Catherine II together with silver votive presents.
The Avas hill is only 234 meter high, but one of the most important unique in Miskolc and we can find more monuments on it. In front of the Avas Church there is László Palóczy’s granite statue, and Bertalan Szemere’s tomb made from black granite. The Avas Calvinist Church and the Bell Tower are one of the symbols of Miskolc. In the cementery the oldest tomb is from the XVI-XVII century and we can find here the famous Latabar family’s cript. Wine basements can be found here as well, this gave the real renown of the Avas Hill. The construction of the Avas Calvinist Church started in the XIII. century, it was a one-bayed hall, roman church. The building was expansioned and it became three-bayed hall church with reticulated vault. The bell tower, built in 1577 in the place of the Saint Michael Cemetery Chapel perished in 1554, is one of the symbols of the city of Miskolc: also the well-known chiming rings sound from here.

The synagogue is one of the outstanding work of the hungarian Romantic arhcitecture, was built beetwen 1861- 1863. It was designed by Ludwig Förster, like Synagogue in Dohány Street in Budapest.

Lajos Kossuth Statue
The statue was made in 1898, at the 50th anniversary of the War of Independece. It was the first full lenght Kossuth statue in Hungary.

Mancs, statue of the life-saver dog
The statue is made from bronze,and it was designed by Borbála Szanyi. The inauguration was in 18. December 2004. and we can found it at the Szinva-bridge.

Lillafüred is resort area around the Lake Hámori. The Palace Hotel is the one of the most beautiful romantic building in Central-Europe. Other sights of this area are the Hanging Garden, the Saint Stephan stalactite cave, the Anna tufa cave and the waterfall singed by Attila József. In the near, at Alsó-Hámor can be found the Szeleta Cave with ice age artefacts. The Herman Ottó House show the geological and botanical curiosity of the Bükk. At Csanyik-Valley the zoo shows more than 150 animals on 20 ha.

The Cave bath in Miskolctapolca is an absolutely unique in Europe. The water of the bath is the hottest karstwater in Europe.