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If you haven’t found the right gift yet, don’t hesitate, give your loved ones a great experience!

All you have to do is hand it over and rejoice with the recipient. Surprise your loved one with our unique gift voucher and provide the gift of a lifetime of gastronomic experiences EASILY, QUICKLY, IN A FORM THAT IS READY FOR IMMEDIATE PRINTING! You can pay the value of the voucher online and we will send you the voucher by e-mail!

Please note that the names of the gift giver and the gift recipients, as well as the text written in the personal message, will automatically appear on the gift voucher, and we cannot make any subsequent changes. If you wish to send a comment to the hotel, please write it in the ‘Message to hotel’ box at the end of the reservation. If it is going to be a resnweb interface, the resnweb gift voucher engine should also be integrated into this subpage. The full text of this is uploaded via the admin system (what you wrote above is also uploaded from the resnweb admin in the palace).